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 Pinball  Laserdisc  Redemption  Electro-Mechanical  Rollover
# Name Total Manufacturer Year Links
1.AB Cop 1Sega1989Link
2.Act-Fancer : Cybernetick Hyper Weapon 1Data East1989Link
3.Adventure Quiz Capcom World 0Capcom1989Link
4.Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle 0Sega1989Link
5.All American Football 1Leland1989Link
6.AmeriDarts 1AmeriCorp1989Link
7.Arch Rivals 15Bally Midway1989Link
8.Astyanax, The 3Jaleco1989Link
9.Badlands 8Atari Games/Midway1989Link
10.Battle Shark 8Taito1989Link
11.Bay Route 1Sega1989Link
12.Beast Busters 6SNK1989Link
13.Big House Pinball1Gottlieb1989
14.Black Knight 2000 Pinball26Williams1989Link
15.Blast Off 1Namco1989Link
16.Block Hole 0Konami1989Link
17.Block Out 2Technos1989Link
18.Bone Busters Inc. Pinball1Gottlieb1989Link
19.Bottom of the Ninth 3Konami1989Link
20.Burning Force 1Namco1989Link
21.Buster Bros. 12Capcom1989Link
22.Cadash 2Taito1989Link
23.Cal .50 - Caliber Fifty 1Romstar1989Link
24.Cameltry 0Taito1989Link
25.Caribbean Cruise Pinball1Gottlieb1989
26.Championship Bowling 1Romstar1989Link
27.Coor's Light Bowling 1Capcom1989Link
28.Crack Down 2Sega1989Link
29.Crime City 3Taito1989Link
30.Crime Fighters 6Konami1989Link
31.Cyberball 2072 3Atari1989Link
32.Darius II 1Taito1989Link
33.Death Brade 1Data East1989Link
34.Demon's World 0Toaplan1989Link
35.Dirt Fox 1Namco1989Link
36.DJ Boy 1Kaneko1989Link
37.Don Doko Don 0Taito1989Link
38.Dragon Breed 2Irem1989
39.Dynamite Duke 1Seibu Kaihatsu1989Link
40.Dynasty Wars 1Capcom1989Link
41.Earthshaker Pinball20Williams1989Link
42.Elvira and the Party Monsters  Pinball30Bally1989Link
43.Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters 13Atari1989Link
44.ESWAT: Cyber Police 6Sega1989Link
45.Exterminator 3Gottlieb1989Link
46.Final Fight 45Capcom1989Link
47.Four Trax 2Namco1989Link
48.Golden Axe 39Sega1989Link
49.Gradius III 1Konami1989Link
50.Hard Drivin' 15Atari1989Link
51.Hellfire 1Toaplan1989Link
52.Ikari III: The Rescue 3SNK1989Link
53.Insector X 1Taito1989Link
54.Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road 52Leland1989Link
55.Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road Track Pak 11Leland1989Link
56.KLAX 17Atari1989Link
57.Laser Ghost 5Sega1989Link
58.Legend of Hero Tonma 1Irem1989Link
59.Lights... Camera... Action! Pinball2Premier / Gottlieb1989
60.Line of Fire 7Sega1989Link
61.Mad Motor 1Mitchell1989Link
62.Midnight Resistance 1Data East1989Link
63.Monday Night Football Pinball3Data East1989
64.Mousin' Around! Pinball12Midway1989Link
65.Ms. Pac-Man Heart Burn 01989
66.Neo Geo MVS 131SNK1989Link
67.Night Moves Pinball41989
68.Night Striker 1Taito1989Link
69.Pang 2Mitchell1989Link
70.Playboy 35th Anniversary Pinball2Data East1989
71.Plus Alpha 1Jaleco1989Link
72.Police Force Pinball12Williams1989
73.Prehistoric Isle in 1930 1SNK1989Link
74.R-Type II 2Irem1989Link
75.Rambo III 1Taito1989Link
76.Robocop Pinball6Data East1989
77.Rompers 0Namco1989Link
78.S.T.U.N. Runner 20Atari1989Link
79.Sagaia 1Taito1989Link
80.Saint Dragon 1Jaleco1989Link
81.SAR - Search and Rescue 1SNK1989Link
82.Sega Mega-Tech System 3Sega1989Link
83.Shadow Dancer 5Sega1989Link
84.Shark Shark Shark 1Toaplan1989Link
85.Skull & Crossbones 4Atari1989Link
86.Sly Spy 5Nihon Bussan Co.1989Link
87.Special Criminal Investigation 7Taito1989Link
88.SPY Special Project Y 1Konami1989Link
89.Street Smart 4SNK1989Link
90.Strider 7Capcom1989Link
91.Super Masters 1Sega1989Link
92.Super Monaco GP 5Sega1989Link
93.Super Off Road: Track Pak 5Leland1989Link
94.Tecmo Knight 1Tecmo1989Link
95.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) 129Konami1989Link
96.Tetris 0Nintendo1989
97.Toki 1TAD Corporation1989Link
98.Tough Turf 1Sega1989Link
99.Tournament Cyberball 2072 5Atari Games/Midway1989Link
100.Transporter the Rescue Pinball3Midway1989
101.Turbo Out Run 16Sega1989Link
102.Twin Hawk 0Toaplan1989Link
103.U. S. Classic 0Seta1989Link
104.U.N. Squadron 8Capcom1989Link
105.U.S. Navy 0Capcom1989Link
106.UB-QB Football Challange 11989
107.US Classic 1Seta1989Link
108.Valkyrie no Densetsu / The Legend of Valkyrie 1Namco1989Link
109.Vapor Trail - Hyper Offence Formation 2Data East1989Link
110.Volfied 1Taito1989Link
111.Wheel of Fortune 1Gametek1989Link
112.Willow 5Capcom1989Link
113.Wrestle War 2Sega1989Link
114.WWF Super Stars 21Technos1989Link
115.X Multiply 1Irem1989Link
116.Zero Wing 3Williams1989Link
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