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New World Record Set on Tapper!
Bill Rosa set a new world record (pending verification) on the Bally Midway classic Tapper in a 24 hour marathon session at Full Blast Arcade in North Ridgeville, OH on February 8th, 2019 with a score of 14,826,200 beating the previous mark set by Lauren Featherstone at Free Play in Arlington, TX on July 25, 2017 of 14,000,600. Rosa's run ended when the tap control jammed and the owner scored a point in the midst of trying to fix it after disconnecting the control panel and flipping it over to un-jam it. With a belief that Twin Galaxies would rule any points score by someone other than the player would invalidate the run, it was decided to stop the game there to verify the board. Congrats William Rosa!

Arcade Wars! February
This month's Arcade Wars game is the first fighting game we've featured - Samurai Shodown VI: Tenkaichi Kenkakuden! (Try saying that 5 times fast) :)

While Galloping Ghost Arcade has pulled ahead by 1 game in the overall standings, 1UP Arcade Australia in Brisbane, Queensland has some very talented fighting game record holders looking to even things up.

For those unfamiliar with Arcade Wars, players at 1UP Arcade (in Brisbane. Australia) compete against gamers at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL in a battle to set the highest score on a different game each month.

Anyone can participate, and players have until the end of the month to come into either location and submit their best scores on this game, as usual. We hope to see regulars and newcomers alike come in to attack this game!
Galloping Ghost Arcade Game #700 Unveiling
Monday, January 28th, 2019 at 5pm - Galloping Ghost Arcade will reach an another milestone in unveiling game #700 on the arcade floor. GGA has the largest collection of non-redemption arcade games in one location. What will game #700 be? You'll have to come to the Galloping Ghost to find out. If you cannot attend, don't worry - tune in to the live stream to find out what the game is, and see the regular arcade goers have first crack at it on Twitch -

After the unveiling, a mini-tournament on this game will ensue with the player achieving the highest score of the night by 2:00am closing time will be recognized as the weekly champion and be one step closer in the chase for the 10x Championship. The 10x Championship is a series of weekly contests on Monday Mystery Games where the first player to win ten high score contests in the series will be presented with the 10x Championship title.

Galloping Ghost in the last few weeks unleashed --

#699 - 005 (Sega/Gremlin)
#698 - Gundhara (Banpresto)
#697 - Space Gun (Taito)
#696 - Arm Champs 2 (Jaleco)
#695 - Aliens Extermination (Raw Thrills)
#694 - Bloody Wolf (Data East)
#693 - Colony 7 (Taito)

Galloping Ghost Arcade
9415 Ogden Ave.
Brookfield, IL 60513

Arcade Wars!
What is Arcade Wars? It is a monthly high score event that pits the players at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Chicago against the players of 1UP Arcade in Brisbane, Australia.

January's Arcade Wars competition GGA VS the 1UP Arcade Australia is underway with Rastan being the game we are competing on!

Anyone playing at these arcades are encouraged to submit their best score on Rastan until the end of the month to help their location win the war this month and break the tie; Both GGA and 1UP Arcade each have 1 win so far!
Grinkfest VI
Grinkfest VI was a lot of fun. Huge congrats to John McAllister for taking down the overall championship belt for the highest overall tournament score.
121 players registered
68 actually played.
1,969 scores recorded over a 20 hour period.
19 states and 4 Canadian Providences represented. (Oh, and Australia was represented too!)
Hope everyone makes it out to Grinkfest VII in 2019!
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