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Brofest 3
It is time to register for Brofest 3!
Once again the arcade tournament will be held at Funspot in Laconia, NH!
Registration is free and there will be a raffle drawing for various donated prizes.
Registration can be found here. So far we have over 70 registrants.

Game on!
Saying goodbye to Pinball Wizard
On April 30th, 2017, the Pinball Wizard Arcade closed their doors. Just wanted everyone to say they enjoy the over 6 years they have had entertaining customers with pinball and arcade machines of all generations. If you have any stories from Pinball Wizard, feel free to post them in the forums. We have a long time sitting thread from when it first opened located here.

Aurcade On The Rise
Greetings everyone!

There is something very special I wanted to share with the entire Aurcade community. Back in '07 I began this site as 'Arcade Finder', and very quickly it exploded into an amazing database of locations. Allowing you to find where around the globe you could play the classics.

After my visit to Funspot (and the American Classic Arcade Museum) in '07, the site grew into Aurcade. Complete with score tracking and a full tournament system. Not very long after I met Doc Mack as he began to build what is now the amazing Galloping Ghost Arcade. Doc and the GGA crew embraced Aurcade and it's ideals from the very beginning.

Since founding the site all those years ago, the demands on my time have grown exponentially. As a result I've simply not had the time to dedicate to the site as I would like. This site has always been a labor of love, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

With that said, I have some really cool news... I'm turning the reigns of Aurcade over to Doc Mack and the Galloping Ghost Arcade crew. They have a ton of ideas on how to expand the site and its features to provide the Arcade Enthusiast the experience they deserve.

And don't worry... I'm not going anywhere. I'll be around for the long haul to help Doc and crew keep things rolling. I can't wait to see where we go from here!
Grinkfest 4
It was an amazing event had by all.
85 people participated in the Grinkfest tournaments and recorded just under 1800 scores. Plus the Arcade Outsiders crew really did a great job in putting that special touch to make it a truly memorable experience. Big thanks goes out to Steve Barbey and Grinkers Grand Palace for opening up his place for us to have this amazing turnout from all over the country. If you are ever in the Boise area, it will be worth your time to visit this place just minutes from downtown. Over 250 arcade machines all in good working condition and the bar serves great food too.

Game on!
SueBlinkyPinkyInky Pac-Man
Gary Vincent -- 35 Years
I'd like to take a moment today and recognize my good friend Gary Vincent. On August 20th, 1981, Gary began his career in the coin-operated amusement business. 35 years later, he is still at it as the Founder & President of the American Classic Arcade Museum, the first non-profit dedicated to the preservation of classic arcade games. Gary, your longevity in this business is a rare thing, and let me publicly say "thank you" for what can often be a thankless job with no recognition or credit.

Gary, your work as the trailblazer of saving classic arcade games is greatly appreciated. I have always admired that you do not seek out attention or shamelessly self-promote yourself like some in this hobby do, but this is one milestone that all arcade gamers should celebrate.

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