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 Pinball  Laserdisc  Redemption  Electro-Mechanical  Rollover
# Name Total Manufacturer Year Links
1.19XX: The War Against Destiny 3Capcom1995Link
2.2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge 4Midway1995Link
3.Aero Fighters 3 5Video System1995Link
4.Air Combat 22 1Namco1995Link
5.Akkanvader 0Taito1995Link
6.Alien Challenge 0International Games System1995Link
7.Alpine Racer 20Namco1995Link
8.Apollo 13 Pinball7Sega1995
9.Area 51 100Atari1995Link
10.Attack From Mars Pinball48Bally Midway1995Link
11.Barb-Wire Pinball6Premier / Gottlieb1995
12.Batman Forever Pinball7Sega1995Link
13.Baywatch Pinball12Sega1995
14.Biomechanical Toy 2Gaelco1995Link
15.Bubble Memories: The Story Of Bubble Bobble III 2Taito1995Link
16.Congo Pinball14Williams1995
17.Crypt Killer 2Konami1995Link
18.Cyber Cycles 25Namco1995Link
19.Cyber Troopers: Virtual On 27Sega1995Link
20.Desert War 1Jaleco1995Link
21.Dirt Dash 6Namco1995Link
22.Dirty Harry Pinball12Williams1995
23.DonPachi 3Cave1995Link
24.Double Dragon (Neo Geo) 4Technos1995Link
25.Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle 1Banpresto1995
26.Excelsior 01995
27.Fatal Fury 3 : Road To the Final Victory 2SNK1995Link
28.Fighting Vipers 3Sega1995Link
29.Frank Thomas' Big Hurt Pinball5Premier / Gottlieb1995
30.Galaxy Fight Universal Warriors 2Sunsoft1995Link
31.Gekirindan 1Taito1995Link
32.Goal! Goal! Goal! 1Visco Games1995Link
33.Golden Tee 3d Golf 8Incredible Tech.1995Link
34.Gundhara 1Banpresto1995Link
35.Hoop It Up World Tour Redemption3Atari1995Link
36.Indianapolis 500 Pinball8Midway1995
37.Indy 500 25Sega1995Link
38.Jackbot Pinball19Williams1995
39.Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire 0Kaneko1995Link
40.Jackie Chan The Kung Fu Master 1Kaneko1995
41.Johnny Mnemonic Pinball19Williams1995
42.King of Fighters '95, The 3SNK1995Link
43.Landing Gear 1Taito1995Link
44.Magical Drop 1Data East1995
45.Manx TT Superbike Twin 45Sega1995Link
46.Mario Andretti Pinball3Gottlieb1995Link
47.Marvel Super Heroes 28Capcom1995Link
48.Mary Shelley's Frankenstein  Pinball11Sega1995
49.Mega Man: The Power Battle 13Capcom1995Link
50.Mortal Kombat 3 16Midway1995Link
51.Mouse Attack Redemption13Game Room1995Link
52.Namco Classic Collection Volume 1 11Namco1995Link
53.NHL Open Ice 11Midway1995Link
54.Night Warriors 2Capcom1995Link
55.No Fear: Dangerous Sports Pinball27Williams1995Link
56.Oni - The Ninja Master 0Banpresto1995
57.Pang! 3 0Mitchell1995Link
58.Pinball Circus, The Pinball1Williams1995
59.Pinball Magic Pinball8Capcom1995
60.Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon 3Banpresto1995Link
61.Pulstar 3Aicom1995Link
62.Puzzle Bobble 2 1Taito1995Link
63.Puzzle Bobble 2x 0Taito1995Link
64.Rave Racer 7Namco1995Link
65.RC Squared 1Electronic Arts/Global VR1995
66.Real Bout Fatal Fury 1SNK1995Link
67.Samurai Shodown III 5SNK1995Link
68.Sega Rally Championship 34Sega1995Link
69.Shaq Attaq Pinball2Gottlieb1995Link
70.Sky Target 8Sega1995Link
71.Soul Edge 15Namco1995Link
72.Space Invaders '95: The Attack of Lunar Loonies 1Taito1995Link
73.Speed Racer 4Namco1995Link
74.Stargate Pinball14Premier / Gottlieb1995
75.Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams 5Capcom1995Link
76.Street Fighter: The Movie 2Capcom1995Link
77.Strikers 1945 11Psikyo1995Link
78.Strikes N Spares PinballRedemption7Premier / Gottlieb1995Link
79.Super Sidekicks 3 - The Next Glory 0SNK1995Link
80.Tekken 2 26Namco1995Link
81.Theatre of Magic  Pinball46Bally1995
82.Time Crisis 33Namco1995Link
83.Twin Cobra II 1Taito1995Link
84.Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 76Midway1995Link
85.Ultra X Weapons 1Banpresto1995Link
86.Viper Phase 1 10Seibu Kaihatsu1995Link
87.Virtua Cop 2 19Sega1995Link
88.Virtua Fighter 2 12Sega1995Link
89.Virtua Fighter Remix 1Sega1995Link
90.Who Dunnit Pinball20Bally1995
91.Winding Heat 1Konami1995Link
92.World Challenge Soccer Pinball2Gottlieb1995
93.WWF Wrestlemania 17Midway1995Link
94.Zombie Raid 10American Sammy1995Link
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