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It's on like ummmm... Mappy
Posted: 10/20/2011 1:51:16 PM
By: Ken House

With all the focus these days on Donkey Kong we thought we'd lighten things up by having a contest on the arcade classic Mappy.

Basically, the highest score, MAME (US), a Multicab that plays RIGHT or an actual Arcade Machine will win the $100 grand prize. has graciously donated a Mappy poster for the second place enrty. In addition to the high score contest there is a level 1-1 challenge (best single man score on the first level). This winner will get 'The Pigger Prize' of FIVE american dollars!

This will be an online stream only contest (if you cannot stream for some real reason we may make an inp exception but the inp will be streamed at some point during the contest.)

Contest will run from 10-20-2011 until 11-20-2011 (midnight PST)

You can see who is streaming by browsing to and looking in the upper right corner of the screen under the 'Live Streams' section. Not all the streams will be Mappy but there has been a lot of play lately with cash on the line.

Lets get it on!

Basic rules

1. Game must be played/streamed live on Justin.TV (AKA or USTREAM

2. You need to be able to clip the performance so someone can verify the gameplay. In some cases a ref may be watching the stream and can verify it right then but you'll still want to clip the broadcast so the rest of us can enjoy it,

3. You can use MAME (any version without obvious ways to exploit the game), You can play on an actual machine if you are lucky enough to have one, you can play on a multicab/multiboard that has Mappy as long as gameplay is not obviously different from MAME or the original machine.

4. You will need and account with your stream URL setup in the 'stream' field so the notification system works and we know who is streaming when.

5. First place prize is $100. for the highest score at the end of the contest 11-20-2011 Midnight PST. Second place is the 1983 Bally Midway Arcade Mappy Advertising Flyer donated by and 'The Pigger Prize' of FIVE american dollars goes to the highighest level 1-1 single man score.

Good Luck and Happy gaming!

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