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Grinkfest VI
Grinkfest VI was a lot of fun. Huge congrats to John McAllister for taking down the overall championship belt for the highest overall tournament score.
121 players registered
68 actually played.
1,969 scores recorded over a 20 hour period.
19 states and 4 Canadian Providences represented. (Oh, and Australia was represented too!)
Hope everyone makes it out to Grinkfest VII in 2019!
The 2018 Galloping Ghost Arcade T20 Tournament & Gamer of the Year
Join us for our 4th annual T20 tournament! This is our biggest annual tournament here at the arcade! The 20 games will be revealed at the beginning of the event. Pre-registration is now live and is $40.00. The normal rate after per-registration closes will be $50.00. The registration includes full access to the arcade floor for all 3 days of the event (a 60.00 value).

Pac-ManPac-ManHEADS UP! Now the GGA crew are throwing in MONDAY for the GOTY ceremony, so FOUR days admission for only $40.00!!! That's half off normal rates!Pac-ManPac-Man

The 1st place prize of the main 20 game tournament will be $500 and a year membership to the arcade! 2nd place prize is 200.00, 3rd place is 100.00. There will also be a side tournament of five games with its own prize

There will also be door raffle prizes and a side event, as well. Even if you're not heavily focused on setting high scores, T20 is definitely a great way get more involved in the amazing community we have at the arcade. Don't miss it!

Galloping Ghost Arcade
9415 Ogden Ave
Brookfield, IL 60513


On Monday August 13th, 2018 at 5pm - Galloping Ghost Arcade will also announce the Game of the Year for 2018.

You can view the ongoings of the T20 Tournament and the Gamer of the Year presentation by going to their Twitch channel at -
Robbie Lakeman does it yet again!
Huge congratulations to Robbie Lakeman for taking back the Donkey Kong world record with a score of 1,230,100.

UPDATE: Robbie Lakeman has bested his world record score with a score of 1,247,700!

How high can YOU try?
Grinkfest 5
Grinkfest 5 has come and gone. We had a record turnout this year and people had more fun than ever with the introduction of NATT challenges (don't ask, you just had to have been there to see it). Here are some numbers to chew on.

Total participants: 147 (highest total ever!)
Total tournaments: 6 (I think... 5 at least)
# of scores taken during Grinkfest: 2089

Grinkfest 6 will be slated for the 2nd weekend in October 2018. Mark your calendars!
Galloping Ghost Arcade - Game #600
Monday, June 19th, 2017 at 5pm - Galloping Ghost Arcade will reach an important milestone in unveiling game #600 on the arcade floor. While Funspot currently is considered the largest arcade in the world including redemption games, GGA has the largest collection of non-redemption arcade games in one location. What will game #600 be? You'll have to come to the Galloping Ghost to find out. If you cannot attend, don't worry - tune in to the live stream to find out what the game is, and see the regular arcade goers have first crack at it on Twitch -

After the unveiling, a mini-tournament on this game will ensue with the player achieving the highest score of the night by 2:00am closing time will be recognized as the weekly champion and be one step closer in the chase for the 10x Championship. The 10x Championship is a series of weekly contests on Monday Mystery Games where the first player to win ten high score contests in the series will be presented with the 10x Championship title.

Galloping Ghost in the last few weeks unleashed --

#599 - Granny & the Gators
#598 - Baby Pac-man
#597 - Darius
#596 - Reactor
#595 - Splat!
#594 - Q*Bert's Qubes

Galloping Ghost Arcade
9415 Ogden Ave.
Brookfield, IL 60513

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