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Kill Screen Sunday at Envision Classics Arcade
Posted: 1/8/2012 1:52:56 PM
By: Chris Mansfield

Some of the Pacific Northwest's best classic arcade gamers have converged on Envision Classics Arcade in Milwaukie, Oregon (near Portland) for a day of high score destruction. On the hit list are Donkey Kong (Ross Benziger), Dig Dug (Ken House), Robotron (Matt Hall), Pac-Man Turbo (Bill Carlton), Ms. Pac-Man Turbo (Dan Corcoran), and Track & Field (Elijah Hayter). Kill screens are expected on all but Robotron and Track & Field, which do not have them. Come join us via live web stream at where we will have a roaming camera to cover the highlights as they happen. The event is expected to last from noon to 5:00pm PT.

Ross did a 954k kill screen on DK last night on his first attempt for practice, and Bill just recently notched a new personal best on Pac Turbo of over 2.2 million, with over 1 million on his first man.

RESULTS: We put eight new high scores on Envision's high score board as two gamers achieved kill screens. Ross upped Donkey Kong from 217k to 669k. Ken upped Dig Dug from 999,990 to a 4.3M kill screen. Dan upped Ms. Pac-Man Turbo from 353k to 903k, just missing the kill screen by four boards. Bill upped the Pac-Man Turbo high score from the 300k range to 3.165M, getting his first ever kill screen on the game. Dick Moreland took Envision's top spot on Video Pinball with a 431k. Matt took the top spot on Pole Position with a 50k (and his total destruction of the 1943 high score was still in progress when I left), and yours truly took over the top spot on Jungle King with a 44k. And the 4-player Warlords cocktail was enjoyed tremendously by all. The archived six hour stream of the event can be viewed here. Can't wait to do this again soon!

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