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Aurcade location milestone
Posted: 6/23/2011 4:46:58 AM
By: Clint Wilder

We have reached 900 locations around the world! The winning location is The Adventure Dome in Las Vegas. Only 100 locations to go before we reach 1000 locations. We can do it! There is definitely 100 locations in America that we haven't documented yet.

As time marches on, some of the locations have updated their inventory. It is up to us to insure we stay on top of these changes. Some locations have not been updated in two to four years. If you are looking for new locations. Your best bets would be local bowling alleys, laundromats, truck stops, cinemas, and skate centers. Speaking of cinemas. The existing theaters can change out their inventory every once in a while, so it is often a good idea to drop by from time to time.

We documented over 3700 new games since we hit 800 locations. That is huge! If you are new to the site and would like to learn how you can help find arcades in your area, check out the forums.

Great job guys!

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