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Member: John Hruza (HruzaDaBruza)
Name: John Hruza
Title: Member
Joined: 6/19/2011 12:23:03 AM
Last Activity: 5/1/2016 4:01:14 PM
World Records: 4
Total: 327
Average: 6.00

Top 5 Locations
Galloping Ghost Arcade

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
These scores have been certified by referees.
Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
Alien Syndrome Points1102,80018
Aliens Points1194,400206
Altered Beast Points1124,400621
Arabian Fight Points11,460210
Battle Garegga Points12,302,43055
Blazing Star Points11,285,94034
Bloxeed Points1103,09566
Bucky OHare Points164,400211
Castlevania The Arcade Points12,367,700101
Columns Points155,280311
Crater Raider Points131,65045
Dragon Blaze Points1126,600213
Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters Points1134,60064
Fantasy Zone Level / Coins1321,69038
Fighters History Dynamite Points1199,45034
Fist of the North Star Points12,412,200102
Forgotten Worlds Points187,400120
Galaxy Force II Points1419,58075
Ghouls n Ghosts Points122,400211
Golden Axe: The Duel Points1104,90055
Monster Bash Points17,200334
Night Slashers Points150,800210
Nightmare In The Dark Points1161,300110
Omega Race Points166,950 310
Outfoxies, The Points19,969,000101
Pit-Fighter Points180,15072
Real Ghostbusters, The Points138,500118
Rival Schools : United By Fate Points11,623,20062
Satan's Hollow Points (3 Bases)16,050 194
Silent Hill The Arcade Game Points1145,60044
Sky Shark Points1106,550116
Skycurser Points - Prototype Stage 3 Preview11,66294
Splatterhouse Points114,600127
Street Fighter Points1706,900232
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Points11,870,10065
Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper Points11,535,00072
Street Fighter: The Movie Points1599,80423
Strikers 1945 Plus Points1281,80069
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Points11,674,700101
Super Zaxxon Points14,900113
Time Pilot Points156,300136
Time Pilot '84 Points170,80026
Total Carnage Points1119,17253
Track & Field Points [ACS]180,7807525
Turkey Shoot Points139,05044
Vampire Savior : The Lord of Vampire Points1459,50064
Wacko Points17,6007131
Wonderboy Points178,680111
Zombie Raid Points112,740210
There Are 49 Scores Listed