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Member: Brad Bach (RehabSubmarine)
Name: Brad Bach
Title: Member
Joined: 5/2/2017 10:08:00 AM
Last Activity: 2/28/2023 2:50:37 PM
World Records: 5
Total: 0
Average: 0.00

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Galloping Ghost Arcade

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
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Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
1944: The Loop Master Points1619,600311
64th Street - A Detective Story Points1300,05026
Act-Fancer : Cybernetick Hyper Weapon Points1525,33027
Aeroboto Points121,900212
Air Duel Points1129,500311
Alcon Points1217,980523
Alligator Hunt Points12,509,000101
Astyanax, The Points156,30026
Atomic RoboKid Points1245,000109
Battle Bakraid Points1982,210117
Battle Circuit Points1658,60017
Beast Busters Points11,249,55064
Bio-Ship Paladin Points1216,50059
Blazeon Points1155,40026
Bloxeed Points179,034515
Blueprint Points1170,500761
Captain Commando Points124,070313
Charlie Ninja Points1152,300913
Chase HQ 2 Points1803,600231
Chicken Shift Points145,380145
Cloak & Dagger Points162,08226
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams Points1147,82025
Crazy Climber 2 Points192,55099
Crazy Cop Points1157,800212
Cybattler Points1189,7401015
Destroyer From Jail Points1142,120813
Digger Points15,700716
Dynamite Dux Points1245,94044
Explosive Breaker Points1103,04053
Fire Truck Points Front1400115
Firefox Points188,46055
Firetrap Points136,39025
Fixeight Points1297,320614
Gaia Crusaders Points1283,15045
Gaiapolis Points11,30863
Gamshara Points12,991,580715
Got-Ya Points125,77046
Growl Points152,30064
Gun Smoke Points1147,10049
Guzzler Points192,47045
Hacha Mecha Fighter Points12,923,22078
Heated Barrel Points1109,17017
Hook Points1378,40017
Hopper Robo Points184,120315
Hyper Sports Points134,9702666
Insector X Points1188,70038
Iron Horse Points149,5001438
Jambo! Safari Points1237,083222
Joe & Mac Returns Points165,45019
Jump Bug Points144,7704947
Kaitei Takara Sagashi - Treasure Diver Points - 5 Lives (T20 2023)12,850314
Ken-go Points147,60017
Lasso Points1144,540414
LED Storm Points11,439,97755
Lock 'n' Chase Cash (Default Settings)1$11,560212
Maximum Force Points147,1501116
Mega Force Points1225,400317
Moon Patrol Points156,860 336
Munch Mobile Points124,110411
NebulasRay Points1263,57046
Night Slashers Points187,600322
Nightmare In The Dark Points14,273,300611
No Man's Land Points112,75019
Nostradamus Points1516,800412
Oni - The Ninja Master Points186,5801214
Operation Wolf 3 Points1371,130113
Osman Points165,600111
Out Run Points17,550,500517
Pac & Pal Points160,4502722
Pandora`s Palace Points176,070950
Pengo Points15,7302152
Penguin Brothers Points1173,98067
Phantasm / Avenging Spirit Points1238,10028
Phozon Points1138,31034
Pleiades Points111,860111
Police Trainer 2 Points135,84049
Power-Up Baseball Biggest Blowout14143
Prehistoric Isle in 1930 Points1124,75034
Pyros Points137,92016
Radar Zone Points171,00025
Rally Bike Points182,2601111
Rampage Points174,795 618
Ray Crisis Points1356,37019
Rescue Raider Points1644,600101
Ring King Cash1$111,000529
Riot Points137264
Road Riot 4WD Points171,15183
Roller Jammer Points1280,790153
Rolling Thunder Points178,660524
Saint Dragon Points1120,70027
Scrambled Egg Points171,57016
Screw Loose Points1112,140262
Sea Wolf Points15,500 5340
Section Z Points159,700120
Shadow Force Points194,94053
Sinistar Points1192,780 10715
Skins Game Points1-45010
Skull Fang Points - CHASE MODE14,486,30076
Sly Spy Points189,600112
Snacks 'n Jaxson Points123,710110
Snow Bros. Points1569,8301012
Space Zap Points1180,00012328
Speed Rumbler, The Points198,900101
Spiders Points130,240619
Spinal Breakers Points1906,59068
Star Jacker Points186,300313
Strato Fighter Points1145,810916
Strikers 1945 III Points1207,80038
Sunset Riders Points173,530117
Tank Battalion Points116,12037
Teddy Boy Blues Points1277,39034
Terra Force Points1121,90025
The Deep Points (Level 4 Start) - T20 Tournament128,5001010
Tiger Road Points118,890624
Time Pilot Points1138,500637
Toy Pop Points110,980511
U.N. Squadron Points181,930115
Uchuu Daisakusen Chocovader Contactee Points1100.0228
USAAF Mustang Points1149,800721
Valkyrie no Densetsu / The Legend of Valkyrie Points172,15016
Viper Phase 1 Points1387,879421
Vritra Hexa Points13,667,440314
Wild Western Points131,5001117
Wolf Fang Points1139,38045
Xeno Crisis Points167,150110
Xevious 3D/G Points1620,760510
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