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Ms. Pac Attack Turbo
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Basically this game is "Pac-Man", with a few minor differences. The major difference is that the ghosts have fewer restrictions on their movement, making them more formidable. Also adding to the challenge are the different mazes and the fact that the fruit no longer stays in one place, but moves in, out and around the maze. Fortunately there is a power pellet in each corner that (usually) turns the ghosts blue for a period of time, allowing you to eat them for points.

The main difference being the order of levels has been changed. As in the regular "Ms. Pac-Man" game, the maze turns invisible at a certain point. However, in Ms. Pac Attacks, this point is reached much earlier - at about the 144th screen instead of the 255th.

Ms. Pac Attack seems to be a hack of "Ms. Pac-Man Plus", as while the mazes are the same as Ms. Pac-Man Plus, they come out in a different order.

While the Ms. Pac-Man hacks are creative with the mazes, they have trouble dealing with other aspects of play. One problem the Ms. Pac-Man hacks have is that the fruit walks along the routes of the original mazes, making the fruit unreachable during part of its walk to and from the center. Also, the ghosts slow down at odd places during the first three racks. Such slowing down only makes sense by looking at the original mazes and seeing where the tunnels would be.

Unlike the Pac-Man hacks, the Ms. Pac-Man hacks don't mess with the scores you get from eating dots, fruit and ghosts.


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Locations Where You Can Play Ms. Pac Attack Turbo
Name City State  
# Name Type Location Public? Links
1. Dogpatch Arcade Arcade Lake Ozark, MO Yes Link
2. Feedback Lounge Bar Seattle, WA Yes Link
3. Ludington Laundromat Laundromat Ludington, MI Yes
There Are 3 Locations Listed
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Michael Masters
Andrew Iwaszko
Andrew Iwaszko
Josh Pitts
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