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Arcades in North Conway, NH
on 8/4/2020 5:12:28 PM
So just recently, I was in North Conway, and I had to seek out arcades. Unfortunately, I only found 1 arcade, and 2 hotel arcades, one of which I had no time to access this year. However, I will list the arcades I managed to pass by this year, plus the one I didn't have time for, which might be outdated.

I have also decided to not link the websites because none of them list what games they have.

Arcade #1: UberBlast (North Conway, NH)

This place also has an outdoor mini-golf course. (Or as they call it, "Adventure Golf") Almost every game here was in satisfactory condition, and no games were out of order.

Games Already Listed:

Arctic Thunder by Midway (Single player sit down version, exactly what GGA has)
Big Buck Hunter Pro: Open Season by Raw Thrills
Dirty Drivin' by Raw Thrills (Single player sit down)
Fishin' Time by ICE
The Fast and the Furious by Raw Thrills (Single player stand up version)
Jumpin' Jackpot by Namco (Note: If anybody can, add the redemption properties to both Jumpin' Jackpot and Quick & Crash)
MotoGP by Raw Thrills (Single player sit down)
NASCAR Racing by Global VR (2 player sit down)
Pac-Man's Arcade Party by Namco
Rampage: World Tour by Midway
Sega Strike Fighter by SEGA (Single screen version)
The Simpsons Pinball Party by STERN (The right flippers work, but they are very weak, which makes the game hard to play)
Smokin' Token by Bay Tek (Note: If anybody can, change the year of Smokin' Token to 1995)
Tekken 5 by Namco
Time Crisis 4 by Namco

Games Not Yet Listed: (These should all have the redemption property)

Bee Bee Boppin' by LAI Games, 2002
Crank It! by Bay Tek, 2010
Cyclone by ICE, 1995
Hammerhead by ICE, 2002
ICE Ball by ICE, 1995 (3 total machines)
Slam 'n' Jam Junior by LAI Games, 2002
Spongebob Squarepants Jellyfishing by Chicago Gaming Company, 2005
Stacker Mini by LAI Games, 2004, A.K.A. Red Stacker (Accepts both money and tokens)

Arcade #2: Cathedral Ledge Resort (Intervale, NH)

This is if you can guess, one of the two hotel arcades. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, all of the games were turned off, but I did manage to see what was in there. Again, all of the games looked to be in satisfactory condition, and they all are already listed on the website.

Big Buck Hunter Pro by Raw Thrills
Iron Man Pinball by STERN
Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga: Class of 1981 by Namco
San Francisco Rush: 2049 Special Edition by Atari/Midway (2 sit down machines)

Arcade #3: Eastern Slope Inn Resort (North Conway, NH)

Unfortunately, this was the arcade I was not able to go to this year, but it's another hotel arcade. I have decided not to list the prize games cause I don't want to. Most of the games were in fine condition, plus there is one game there that is not listed.

Games Already Listed:

Hang-On by SEGA (Cabaret)
Killer Instinct 2 by Midway
Ms. Pac-Man by Bally Midway (Cabaret)
San Francisco Rush the Rock: Alcatraz Edition by Atari (2 sit down machines, Player 2 out of order)
Smashing Drive by Gaelco

Game Not Yet Listed:

Hoops by Gottlieb/Premier, 1991 (Pinball machine, plunger is not very good)

Well, that is the end to this very long forum, hopefully, an admin or somebody else that can edit places will see this and add these places, otherwise, I will have just wasted a lot of my time.


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RE: Arcades in North Conway, NH
on 8/5/2020 11:20:43 AM
I knew I would forget a game!

UberBlast also had another non-listed redemption game.

NBA Hoops (Original) by ICE, 2004 (Celtics version, set to non-redemption)

Now I have listed every game!

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