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Noobish member UK
on 9/1/2018 8:13:39 AM
Hi Guys,
From what ive seen on your Aurcade side you are mostly based in America right?

I as i'm over in the UK, so i would say its going to near impossible to submit scores from my end.
Still i am still enjoying looking at the scoreboard/s too see where my personal scores compare.

I'm a avid Out Run player and been practicing really well at the Arcade near me
Ive seen Martin Bedard's  score of 54,936,010
                                      ( nicely done BTW)
Does anyone know if he used the gear glitch to get that score( ive never used that method).

Thanks everyone
Johnny B


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RE: Noobish member UK
on 9/3/2018 5:42:33 PM
From what I know about Martin, he's an overall great gamer on a wide variety of games.  I've witnessed him nearly beating the entire game (!) of Smash TV on one credit.  I'm sure you can ask him how he got the score on Out Run.  Didn't know there was a gear glitch on that game.  (DID know there was a gear glitch on Crazy Taxi)

As for posting scores on here, it must be done in the presence of an Aurcade official.  Galloping Ghost (Illinois), Game Grid (Utah), Funspot (New Hampshire), and possibly Arcade Odyssey (Florida) have at least one Aurcade verified person on staff at their locations.  Plus there are Aurcade officials in the US that visit various locations.  I myself will be headed to Idaho for Grinkfest 6 to run that tournament.

Twitch has become more and more popular for making high score runs and on occasion we have included such scores.  One thing to pay attention to though is the dipswitches, motherboards, and control panels need to be filmed without interruption just to make sure it's all original hardware with default (or sometimes tournament) settings.  We do offer an ACS (Aurcade Challenge Settings) option if you want to submit a score using altered settings/hardware, for example Robotron 2084 tournament settings (5 lives, maximum difficulty, no free lives).

Hope that helps!

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Forums   General Discussion  Noobish member UK
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