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Two Tigers
on 7/26/2017 7:57:14 PM
I'm wondering if the scoreboard should list Two Tigers as two separate games, as the dedicated and the Tron conversion are both radically different in the way they play.


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RE: Two Tigers
on 7/26/2017 8:27:54 PM
Well which arcade has the Tron version?  I'm quite sure a new score track will be made if a submission comes in using the Tron version.


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RE: Two Tigers
on 7/29/2017 10:40:23 PM
I say it should remain as one listing in the database however having two default scoring formats would be acceptable.  You would simply label the scoring format as either dedicated or TRON conversion.

For example, I have included Gaplus and Galaga 3 as one listing.  As far as I know, there is no difference other than the title screen.  I have been meaning to combine the two Carnival King listings as one as well.


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RE: Two Tigers/gaplus/galaga 3
on 10/16/2017 3:36:38 PM
nash, actually just being at grinkers (there are at least three rom sets for gaplus/galaga 3.).1. the normal midway one .(.one that is by midway but you can get the enterprise ship on the first level only) i own three of these versions.....2.and one where its a totally different way to get the star trek ship.(both at Banning Arcade Expo collection and at grinkers)3..and a namco version..where you can get the ship on the first level..and the end get five initial letters and the game asks for your blood type.(none of these are confirmed to be in public as of today.).(there are a couple of those running around..we are installing one of mine (type one)into the kencade galaga machine, he is changing out the joystick to an eight directional one..and I'm going to try to beat Ochs score on here on that machine and version..sometime soon.)ken is still an aurcade ref..(he hasnt used it since Dok has "bought and owned" the site..he wants to know if he can still validate scores before you actually does some more scorekeeping..that would be great if he could.)

the version currently in the grinkers cabinet is midway.(type 2)..and you cannot get the secret ship on stage one..


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Forums   General Discussion  Two Tigers
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