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Cool Gunman
on 5/13/2014 12:46:31 AM

Recently bought a Cool Gunman game by Namco ('97). I found out that the machine had two bad Launcher PCBs and two bad Xenon light sensors. Called Namco and they say I am not supposed to own the game as I am in America and not Japan and they will not sell me anything for it. So, I am looking for sources on these parts. I know of one other location that own this game and their machine is out of order for a fiber optic cable. XD This game is not looking up on resources. However, I am looking into rigging these things to work and making a completely working machine with resources others can use at the same time finding the correct parts for it without costing too much. This machine has the same light gun concept as Quick & Crash to kind of compare.

I might hop back on here to insert more information about the machine if someone is interested in the machine information. I have images of the PCBs, launchers, a scanned in copy of the manual, and some other stuff.


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Forums  Repair: Other  Cool Gunman
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