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Checked it out this weekend....
on 6/4/2012 11:43:58 AM
So far, of the three (allegedly, in one case) retro places I've visited this year -- No Limit, Logan Hardware, and Galloping Ghost -- Galloping Ghost is, by far, the best, considering 1) selection, 2) ratio of real games to obvious fakes, and 3) ratio in terms of good condition to bad condition...

Having said that, it's not the end-all, be-all....for example, I don't think the staff is as attentive as the staff at, say, No Limit, where staffers are constantly circling the gaming area and making sure things are up and running; at Galloping Ghost the staff all seemed to hover around the front counter, but hey, they were friendly and receptive.

The game selection is very impressive, and had I truly played everything I wanted to play, I easily could have spent an entire day there instead of just the two hours I gave myself...(had to get home and feed the dog!)

And I was thrilled to see an actual Pac-Man machine!

Both and Galloping Ghost's web site list Jr. Pac-Man and Super Pac-Man among the games there...but they're not separate games; they're actually in a two-fer cabinet that I'd never seen before, with a switch to toggle between the two games...and to be honest, I think it's a machine that was hacked from various parts...the monitor is obviously a rotated hi-def PC monitor -- you can actually see the edges of the monitor through the cabinet's glass, and when the screen went blank, there would be a little message in the corner (rotated) saying, simply, "PC." I don't think it was a MAME box because I couldn't get Super Pac-Man working so I asked the staff to reboot, and it was available in half a second, but I don't know what it was....My goal was to beat their Super Pac-Man record, which was also listed as a "world record" but without the Twin Galaxies name on it. (And after seeing the machine, I completely understand why; I doubt Twin Galaxies would ever consider entries from it!). However, the difficulty settings were ridiculously impossible, and on the Super Pac-Man side, the screen would at random times black out for a few seconds (displaying the "PC" message, of course)...that kind of put me off...

The Ms. Pac-Man is the high-speed version....and the graphics are pretty messed's still 100% playable, but the colors are off.

Pac-Man is set to five lives...and even then, I still sucked at it. :) (Been a major Pac-Man fan since 1982, maybe even 1981 - whatever year the infamous Tod Frye Atari cart came out - but I still can't get a decent score on it!)

The Donkey Kong Jr. is either a bootleg or a custom version.

I didn't check out the other rooms, with the consoles...just seems to me that you really need to NOT be alone for that -- a friend was going to go with me to GG, but he had to cancel but I didn't want to miss out...

Parking is easy...there are a few spaces along the building, but they were filled - so I parked on Devo St. (And yes, I whipped it, thanks for asking.) where there was plenty of room.

Definitely worth a return trip...

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Forums  Galloping Ghost Arcade  Checked it out this weekend....
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