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Streamed Scores Accepted?
on 8/2/2011 9:59:42 PM
I'd like to get some feedback from some of the Aurcade refs as to whether or not a streamed game with proper board verification would ever be accepted.

I'm asking this after a few recent world class Donkey Kong scores have been streamed live on Jtv. I believe both players did in fact film the board and everything after the game was finished. Neither of them were recording the game for TG purposes and seemingly don't care to do so, but I do believe both would willingly submit to Aurcade.

If the accepting of streams for verification is something that Aurcade is willing to do, it would be wise to draw up some list of stipulations.

What would really be exciting would be to look up a score on the Aurcade scoreboard and see a link to a Jtv archive or a Youtube video that showcased the entire score. Videos of great gameplay are a strong tool for further increasing interest in our hobby. Furthermore, as much as the final verification of any score will ultimately rest on the Aurcade refs, encouraging peer moderation is a good thing.

Refs, your thoughts?

Steve W

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RE: Streamed Scores Accepted?
on 8/2/2011 10:15:43 PM
I'm a ref but I think David would be best to answer, I believe his original intent was to use this as a live scoring vehicle (mainly for tournaments) although it has expanded a bit to a few physical locations.


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RE: Streamed Scores Accepted?
on 8/4/2011 12:58:20 PM
I have discusses this with David in the past and I believe streamed scores meet the standard of proof we are looking to maintain in the database.

The real issue is having a ref watch the stream as the attempt it happening. JTV's archiving engine does funny things with videos sometimes so I dont believe the JTV archive is acceptable but the live stream certainly would be. Of course we'd have to see the settings for the games (where applicable) and follow the general commons sense approach to recording, make sure we can read the score and level.. that kind of thing.

As an additional note, if you are using FME to stream, you can stream the entire session to file and server so that file would also meet the criteria for recording, both here and at TG.


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Forums   General Discussion  Streamed Scores Accepted?
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