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GameDay 2011
on 5/23/2011 11:36:50 AM
Dave, you can make this news on the front page if you want.



Contact Person: Paul Zimmerman

Organization: Retrogaming Times Monthly

Email Address:

Web site Address:

Twin Galaxies and Guinness Video Game World Champion Paul Zimmerman to play in GameDay 2011

Chicago, Illinois – (May 20, 2011) – Twin Galaxies and Guinness video game world record holder, Paul Zimmerman, will be playing in GameDay 2011, “Gamers Coming Together For A Common Cause,” which is May 27-30 2011.

Including Paul, there are currently over 35 other players who will be streaming live around the world during this historic event.

Please be a part of history.

Paul Zimmerman’s schedule:
Friday May 27: 10am-? cst, Atlantis - Atari 2600, world record attempt
Saturday May 28: 10am-10pm cst, 20+ Atari 2600 inaugural world record attempts
Sunday May 29: 10am-10pm cst, 150+ Nintendo Wii, WiiWare, Virtual Console inaugural world record attempts
Monday May 30: ? (if Paul has the time, he might go for an Atari 2600 world record attempt)

About GameDay:
GameDay is a fundraiser put on and hosted by gamers and supporters to benefit the International Video Game Hall Of Fame & Museum. Many of us are huge supporters of IVGHOF but this is not a fundraiser done by the IVGHOF itself, but by the cooperative effort of many supporters.

Gamers are encouraged to stream themselves setting world record attempts or event just gaming Live during Memorial Day Weekend and encourage people to donate to the IVGHOF through

• What is GameDay?
o See above! But for a rundown of it, GameDay is a fundraising event for the International Video Game Hall Of Fame & Museum (or "IVGHOF" for short) put on and hosted by a group of individuals that want to help out the gaming community.
• What is the International Video Game Hall Of Fame And Museum?
o The International Video Game Hall Of Fame & Museum is a Non-Profit organization that is dedicated to honoring excellence in the field of electronic gaming by recognizing the champions, industries, and professionals related to this popular activity. They will build and maintain a state-of-the-art interactive facility in Ottumwa, Iowa that contains historical archive exhibits describing the milestones of the video game industry, and preserve significant video gaming relics, memorabilia, and artifacts of the times past and present.
• Is this for charity?
o You bet! Every penny that is donated through the link on the left goes straight to the IVGHOF. The IVGHOF is registered with the IRS as a charity, so any donations to this are tax-deductible! For more information, please visit their directly.
• Are there going to be more GameDay events?
o We plan to have more fundraisers to raise money for other non-profit organizations each year. Our goal is to not only continue to fundraise for IVGHOF each year but also help Child's Play, Able Gamers and other amazing organizations.
• What made you guys think of this?
o Many of us dedicate our time to several gaming organizations, events, groups, etc. and want to do as much as we can to help the gaming community, as well as show the general public that gamers do more than just play video games. We also want to encourage and inspire more people to use their skills to help out other people and organizations.
• So, I see you're selling shirts to raise money, but how much of it actually goes to the IVGHOF?
o The only money we keep from the shirts is just the cost of materials and cost of shipping. All the rest goes into the IVGHOF's PayPal. That money will also be reflected on the donation page of the GameDay site as it gets sent to the IVGHOF.
• How do the donations get to the IVGHOF and what exactly is being done with them?
o The donations go through our ChipIn, so we can track how much is being donated, so we can put that info on our site. We do not take any of the donations, they go directly to the hall of fame's PayPal account. ChipIn doesn't take anything from the donations either. All the money donated to the IVGHOF goes into a general fund that they use to pay bills, fund the Big Bang and also fund the planning, design and eventually to build the facility for the IVGHOF.
• I see you have sponsors, I'm considering sponsoring myself but what does the money from sponsoring go to and how do I go about signing up?
o We have been getting sponsors to help cover the cost of the web hosting fees for the site as well as any other expenses for the site (like advertising). You can become a sponsor as well by sending an email to
• Man, this sounds like fun! How do I sign up?
o We would be honored to have you join us!
• What's with the two different chat rooms on the main page?
o Everyone that's doing their own stream is doing it from their own connection, be it Justin.TV, ustream, or livestream. As such, each one of these has a chat room of its own. We wrote code to not only include the individual chat room on the right, but a main chat room on the left.
• What's with the list on the left on the main page? Why does it sometimes say "...there are currently no streams available"?
o The list on the left updates once every 30 seconds via JavaScript to show you who is currently live with their stream. If no one is streaming anything at that moment, it will say the stated message.
About Paul Zimmerman:
• Twin Galaxies World Record Holder for 15 Atari 2600 (including Phoenix, Berzerk, Demon Attack, Defender and Custer’s Revenge) and Atari 7800 games (including Donkey Kong Jr, Desert Falcon and Crossbow) plus on the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard for the following games: Donkey Kong Jr (Arcade), Donkey Kong Jr (Wii/VC/NES) and Tomena Sanner (WiiWare)
• Honoree at the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum Launch Party in 2009; Special Guest Player at Big Bang 2010 both in Ottumwa Iowa, the Video Game Capital of the World
• Accomplished Live Official World Records at the following events: Big Bang, Midwest Gaming Classic, Video Game Summit
• Featured in Chicago Sun-Times, Pioneer Press, Daily Herald
• Staff writer for Retrogaming Times Monthly (, the longest running, free on-line retrogaming newsletter ever!

About Retrogaming Times Monthly:
The longest running free on-line retrogaming newsletter ever!

end of line.

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