War: Final Assault: Points
Game: War: Final Assault
Platform: Arcade
Name: Points

Required Settings
Difficulty: Medium
Server: Yes
Blood: Yes
Number of Lives: 4
Round Time: 3:00
Reset High Scores: No
Reset Player Stats: No
Reset Time Release: No
Release All: No [May be Yes at Operator/Owners Discretion and based upon length of time game has been operating]
ID (Should All Be A): A
Hide T-Shirt Screen: On
Free Game For DM Winner: Yes

This is a 1 Player ONLY Variation! If you're linked to a server/other cabinets, others may NOT join your game during your game or your scoring attempt will be disqualified. Continues are NOT permitted!
These scores were attained using the above settings.

Rank Player Score % Tokens Achieved
1. Steven Lucas 158 100.00 6 10/21/18
2. Daniel BlondeBunny Saam 139 87.97 5 09/08/18
3. Jamie Tibbetts 66 41.77 3 11/20/17
4. Mases Hagopian 65 41.14 2 11/20/17
5. Christopher Schwartz 49 31.01 2 11/07/15
6. Sean Quigley 23 14.56 1 01/30/18
There Are Scores Listed