Hit the Ice: Largest Blowout (Full Game)
Game: Hit the Ice
Platform: Arcade
Name: Largest Blowout (Full Game)

Required Settings
Difficulty: Rank B
Timer Count: 1 sec = 58/60

Dip Switches:

This is a full game format. Do not preload multiple credits. One credit to start. Do not add credits during a period as this creates additional powerups. No powerups except for third period free powerup can be consumed. When game play timer expires, you may add a credit to continue to play. Machine should be set to 1 coin, 1 credit. 8 credits total should take you through a full game. Indicate to ref when you're putting in a credit.

No Additional Rules
These scores were attained using the above settings.

Rank Player Score % Tokens Achieved
1. Mases Hagopian 6 100.00 2 11/06/17
2. Steven Lucas 3 50.00 1 01/01/19
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