NHL Open Ice: Points - Biggest Blowout
Game: NHL Open Ice
Platform: Arcade
Name: Points - Biggest Blowout

Required Settings
Options Set in Test Mode:

Computer Difficulty: 5 Medium
Game Timer Speed: Normal
Tournament Mode: On
Challenge Mode: Player vs Player

You MUST play the entire game through all 3 Periods [And Overtime if it
applies] and win by at least 1 point. This game will use Special Blowout
Rules for final score, where it is tabulated by how many points you have
won the game by. [Ex. If you beat the computer 16-4, your final score will
then be 12, which is how many points you won by.] You may freely
choose any available team. You may freely enter your Initials for record
keeping but since the game is set for Tournament Mode, any code or
hidden character will NOT function. This is a 1 Player ONLY Variation!

No Additional Rules
These scores were attained using the above settings.

Rank Player Score % Tokens Achieved
1. Jason Spiewak 15 100.00 4 01/27/17
2. Seth Young 8 53.33 2 12/19/16
3. James Caddis 6 40.00 2 01/21/18
4. Mases Hagopian 5 33.33 1 01/23/17
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