Tekken 3: Time
Game: Tekken 3
Platform: Arcade
Name: Time

Required Settings
Best Play through Time:
(Must complete the game without continuing)

Difficulty: Ultra Hard
Fight Count (1p game): 3
Fight Count (Vs game): 3
Life Bar (1p game: -1
Life bar (Vs game): normal
guard damage: off
neutral guard: on
round time: 40
character change at continue: yes
character change at VS game: yes
Music in Attract: yes
event mode: off
hit color: red

No Additional Rules
These scores were attained using the above settings.

Rank Player Score % Tokens Achieved
1. Pete Hahn 2:54:10 100.00 3 07/10/15
2. Davin Loh 3:38:08 75.16 2 12/30/14
3. Alex Flores 7:55:83 33.62 1 08/18/18
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