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Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
Alcon Points1223,110417
Asteroids Deluxe Points132,040 4214
Big Ben Points161,24094
Cobra Command Points1437,700114
Commando Points190,800323
Darius Points11,247,980411
Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX Points (Single Player)181,516,10078
Darius Gaiden Points11,545,82038
Death Smiles Points148,253,24765
Dragon Spirit Points166,440315
Espgaluda Points15,776,14039
Gondomania Points1204,65064
Hellfire Points1192,80066
Ikaruga Points1888,700213
Karnov Points1333,37064
Last Resort Points1123,60032
Legendary Wings Points1147,60047
Liberator Points149,260422
Magician Lord Points1288,780101
Nemesis Points1102,100314
Ninja Warriors, The Points1152,350132
Phelios Points143,720212
Splat! Points1118,60016
Tengai Points1403,200912
Terra Cresta Points147,700320
Xexex Points - Japanese Version1307,50037
Zero Wing Points1258,73059
Blackout Points1656,850188
Sorcerer Points11,286,47093
The Getaway High Speed II Points177,915,2702358
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