Player: Catherine Bozzi (Catherine_Bozzi)
Name: Catherine Bozzi
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Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
19XX: The War Against Destiny Points1237,100114
Aero Fighters 2 Points1300,500512
Alcon Points1224,400416
Assault Points118,750125
Astro Fighter Points112,6905522
Bank Panic Points121,4002108
Bermuda Triangle Points182,780610
Berzerk Points [Fast Bullets]113,390 923
Big Ben Points131,950511
Bio-Ship Paladin Points1177,300511
Black Widow Points116,900269
Blaster Points128,800138
Bosconian Points (Marathon)1358,160 223
Bubble Bobble Points11,259,620611
Chimera Beast Points12,170,95019
Circus Points16,140214
Circus Charlie Points1189,6002024
Cobra Command Points1159,150417
Cyvern Points121,010119
Daioh Points1444,910111
Darius Points1204,950116
Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX Points (Single Player)124,284,200212
Depthcharge Points11,660 95183
DoDonPachi Points11,683,930118
Dodonpachi Daioujou Points12,000,66018
Dodonpachi II - Bee Storm Points120,390,080110
Extermination Points126,210137
Fast Freddie Points121,19018
Frenzy Points159,771 17
Galaga Points (5 Ships Only)1330,900322
Galaga '88 Points1454,250143
Galaxian Points (Rev B)170,300134
Giga Wing Points18,349,687,000116
Halleys Comet Points1585,97027
Inferno Points148,50028
Juno First Points1126,470315
Legendary Wings Points159,900212
Liberator Points17501116
Life Force Points1180,900320
Lunar Rescue Points14,940783
Metal Black Points127,960123
Mission Craft Points192,590420
Moon Shuttle Points112,75046
New Zealand Story, The Points151,80026
Nibbler Points (rev. 6 roms)147,080112
Ninja Warriors, The Points113,500117
Piranha Points131,72016
Polaris Points115,860719
Pooyan Points1164,95085
Progear Storm of Progia Points1566,040110
Raiden Fighters Points1607,660118
Reactor Points112,2331158
Robotron: 2084 Points1473,200127
Scramble Points126,710 118
Solar Fox Points1122,14099
Space Firebird Points15,8402412
Splat! Points112,650115
Tengai Points1288,500721
Tetris Points163,080 239
The End Points17,520682
Thunder Force AC Points134,120114
Time Pilot '84 Points1212,10073
Tricycle San Points1420,23057
Truxton Points189,700311
Truxton II Points1102,470412
Twilight Zone Points1115,564,000690
Vulgus Points1111,600534
Wonderboy Points1606,640112
X Multiply Points1227,000233
Zed Blade Points1397,000214
Baby Pac-Man Points1159,930 1619
Blackout Points1177,100532
Sorcerer Points1568,580411
The Getaway High Speed II Points133,406,4601088
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