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Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
Arkanoid Points198,930 426
Armor Attack Points11,440620
Assault Points151,500418
Asteroids Points116,810 159
Astro Fighter Points12,8701282
Bank Panic Points148,100484
Bermuda Triangle Points1110,26084
Black Widow Points1196,1502827
Bloxeed Points1202,611115
Bonanza Bros. Points1147,30048
Bosconian Points167,310 1562
Bubbles Points142,500263
Bucky OHare Points112,400417
Bump n Jump Points1103,248627
Cabal Points1253,830318
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Points1240,900213
Chimera Beast Points11,915,450110
Creature From The Black Lagoon Points1159,954,1904522
Dead Connection Points139,37037
Death Race Points1201115
Desert Assault Points133025
Dynamite Duke Points1149,27024
Extermination Points136,400131
Final Fight Points1308,110317
FunHouse Points110,516,1601838
G. I. Joe Points1514524
Galaga Points (5 Ships Only)182,340170
Galaga '88 Points1132,260421
Galaxian Points (Rev B)111,780221
Gaplus/Galaga 3 Points160,500 1338
Granny and the Gators Points1250,160123
Halleys Comet Points1406,650111
Heavy Barrel Points172,900113
Jr. Pac-Man Points128,310 1964
Juno First Points1158,630410
Marble Madness Points119,4402292
Mario Bros. Points [ACS]148,470343
Missile Command Points19,025 185
Mister Viking Points138,870511
Moon Patrol Points170,230 324
Mortal Kombat Points11,607,500217
Mr. Do! Points177,350146
Ms. Pac-Man Turbo Points189,1301289
Mystic Warriors Points142,550215
Nastar Warrior Points156,20048
NFL Blitz '99 Points14183
Omega Race Points1194,700 548
Pengo Points119,260797
Phoenix Points [Centuri]18,110 122
Pit, The Points1165,0001161
Punisher, The Points1929,30029
Qix Points150,760 3245
Rambo III Points12,421,450910
Rampage Points174,350 116
Red Baron Points13,580111
Rip Off Points14,910156
Robocop 2 Points1222,800111
Saturday Night Slam Masters Points1162,10025
Sinistar Points170,525 3799
Smash TV Points1998,720518
Solar Warrior (Xain'd Sleena) Points1105,36016
SPY Special Project Y Points135,10037
Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator Points1140,825820
Stratovox Points119,5801639
Tazz Mania Points119,000114
Tetris Points1119,963 413
The End Points131,2102517
Timber Points (1 Player)142,2202152
Time Soldiers Points120,60019
Track & Field Points [ACS]123,9702897
Turbo Points122,905 2924
Twilight Zone Points198,769,3905101
Viewpoint Points153,82018
Vulgus Points1113,050533
Wacko Points123,5001859
Wild West CowBoys of Moo Mesa Points13,340210
WWF WrestleFest Points1334
Zero Team Points1858,85026
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