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Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
1941: Counter Attack Points1752,10014
Arm Wrestling Points1668,540311
B. Rap Boys Points1990521
Bay Route Points1314,85072
Biomechanical Toy Points13,529,07032
Black Tiger Points147,300120
Blueprint Points159,0503011
Cabal Points1476,140513
Calorie Kun vs Moguranian Points137,41026
Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium 2001 Points11,963.000174
Carnival Points117,2001072
Chicago 1929 Points1518,100126
City Bomber Points1491,98042
Cliff Hanger Points1270,000313
Colony 7 Points131,300631
Commando Points194,000321
Contra Evolution Points1524,75015
Crazy Climber 2 Points126,950219
Daikaiju No Gyakushu - Giant Monster Counterattack Points1166,63372
Dark Adventure Points184,00082
Dark Planet 3D Points165,100109
Dark Stalkers Points1117,200414
Demolition Derby Points172,3001118
Desert Breaker Points128,37027
Dig Dug II Points152,60045
Dragon Breed Points174,800316
Dragon Gun Points1779,77096
Elevator Action Points121,8501244
Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert Points113,575217
Final Blow Points1789,00045
First Funky Fighter Points19,280415
Galaga Points (5 Ships Only)12,547,400263
Galaga '88 Points1579,820182
Gamshara Points11,436,660317
Gaplus/Galaga 3 Points1532,400 1151
Gate of Doom Points1183,250710
Golly! Ghost! Points1304187
I, Robot Points137,5101821
Ikari III: The Rescue Points173,800123
Ikari Warriors Points169,200222
JoJo's Venture Points11,103,600182
Lazarian Points121,4352220
Liquid Kids Points169,83036
Lunar Rescue Points18,8801343
Mach Breakers - Numan Athletics 2 Points112517
Magical Tetris Challenge Points19,679,20093
Main Event, The Points111,400212
Major Havoc Points - No Warps Allowed169,400713
Make Trax Points115,490114
Millipede Points [ACS]175,7371535
Mister Viking Points129,810413
Monkey Mole Panic Points17,55092
Moon Cresta Points119,2002218
Mushihimesama Points15,224,31124
Ninja Gaiden / Shadow Warriors Points129,00056
Out Zone Points1288,370411
Plus Alpha Points1648,700101
Polygonet Commanders Points114,600316
Prehistoric Isle 2 Points133,396,500156
Punisher, The Points1787,400112
Rabbit Punch Points1838,600114
Renegade Points154,750310
Space Bomber Points1164,500120
Space Invaders Deluxe Points14,5401621
Stocker Points135,77414982
Super Cobra Points15,140 385
TH Strikes Back Points12,317,50084
Tinkle Pit Points1769,63095
Tranquilizer Gun Points115,02039
Tricycle San Points1265,460310
Ultra Street Fighter IV Points11,538,80092
Ultra X Weapons Points1302,100119
Up'n Down Points159,250109
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