Crazy Taxi: Points
Game: Crazy Taxi
Platform: Arcade
Name: Points

Required Settings
TG allows players to choose the settings on the game.

Players are NOT allowed to decrease the braking time or increase the acceleration time. ILLEGAL TACTICS include: useage of the 'Crazy Warp' at three (3) key points in the game, useage of the 'Wall Trick' in which a player continually coasts in place on an angle against a wall, racking up illegally obtained points in the process, and useage of the 'Crazy Back-drift' technique while within a drop-off area beyond the time limit of the drop-off.
These scores were attained using the above settings.

Rank Player Score % Tokens Achieved
1. Jamie Tibbetts $5,656.84 100.00 2 04/21/18
2. Rich Dziuba $429.48 7.59 1 08/22/18
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