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Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
1943: The Battle Of Midway Points127,500 144
Arkanoid Points129,730 153
Asteroids Deluxe Points112,550 1635
Buster Bros. Points1188,37016
Centipede Points120,509189
Crazy Taxi Points1$429.48122
Crystal Castles Points1150,801413
Crystal Castles Points - No Warps144,477226
Defender Points (JROK, default ROM)16,175101
Dig Dug Points121,950177
Donkey Kong Points1100,3001380
Donkey Kong Remix Points180,20092
Frogger Points (3-man)115,69045
Galaga Points128,650144
Galaga '88 Points (Difficulty B [Normal])168,18027
Gorf Points - Hard ROM Revision [6 Bases]122,47055
Gyruss Points198,400148
Joust Points136,550 178
Mario Bros. Points1108,250 1027
Moon Patrol Points156,450 229
Mr. Do! Points195,300335
Mr. Do's Castle Points (no Cherry Blocks version)18,90018
Ms. Pac-Man Points124,960246
Pac-Man Points [Normal]186,33042
Pengo Points114,6505112
Phoenix Points [Centuri]14,370 133
Popeye Points133,360 488
Q*bert Points1127,415133
Qix Points124,662 1683
Rally-X Points (Extra Man at 60,000)146,70054
Space Invaders Points14,110 1132
Space Invaders Part II Points16,70082
Super Pac-Man Points1190,810549
Tempest Points [Marathon]173,403 418
Tetris Points188,216 322
Toobin Points155,382130
Tron Points142,314135
VS Excitebike Points139,440128
VS. Super Mario Bros. Points172,600 118
Zaxxon Points13,900156
Laser Cue Points1387,240111
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