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Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label
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Mushihime-sama Futari?, lit. "Insect Princess Duo"), a bullet hell shooter by Cave, was released in arcades on October 27, 2006 and is the sequel to Mushihime-sama.

A limited edition arcade release of the game released in 2007. Only 150 Black Label boards released which included the following changes:

1.) Stages 2, 3 and 5 have a different color palette.
2.) No shot type selection. The resulting shot type is a mixture of Normal and Abnormal modes from previous games, and is much more powerful than in other versions. Both characters move a lot faster in Black Label compared to 1.5.
3.) More enemies and enemies fire more bullets.
4.) Scoring system changes. In Original, the counter changes every 3000 gems, with an added audible warning when the counter changes. Blue gems, worth more points, are awarded when enemies are killed from very close range. When the stage counter is above 9999, gems are shedded off enemies if you are very close to them. The rank (bullet speed) increases when the stage counter is above 9999, in proportion to the overall counter. In Maniac mode, you now gain lots of gems by killing enemies with the C button when the meter is red - the amount of gems is proportionate to how close you are to the enemy.
5.) God (??) mode. Replacing Ultra mode, it uses a slightly modified Maniac mode score system. The maximum multiplier is increased to 30,000. The additional gems gained by killing enemies with the C button at close range only kicks in once the multiplier is above 9999. It has much more slowdown compared to Ultra mode and it is also much easier compared to Ultra mode, some players consider Ver 1.0(1)'s Maniac mode to be harder than God mode.
6.) A new True Last Boss, Spiritual Larsa was added. She can only be reached by completing God mode without dying. She is considered easier than Ultra mode's True Last Boss.


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1. Akihabara Arcade and Bar Bar Westminster, CO Yes Link
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